How Am I Going to Pay for This?

Picture this. It’s a sunny, steamy South Florida summer day and after a long shift at work, you can’t wait to get home, curl up on the couch and catch a movie. What you’re not aware of is the surprise awaiting you at home. Your AC is broken and inside your home, it’s a balmy 80-something degrees, Ouch! Whether its air conditioning installation, repair or maintenance, working air conditioning, especially in South Florida, is an absolute must. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to afford by partnering with General Electric Credit (GE) and Wells Fargo to bring you the best financing packages anywhere.

Can’t afford to pay up front? Don’t have enough for a down payment, or only enough for a small one? We make owning a new energy-efficient air conditioning system easy andmore affordable for individuals in the above-mentioned circumstances. What’s more? As an FPL Participating Independent Contractor*, Premier Air Conditioning can offer you air conditioning rebate programs that can save you up to thousands of dollars. In short, we’re providing you the finest air conditioning services in South Florida and we’re constantly working to make it affordable for you. Give us a call today!305-888-3826.